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Monday, October 16, 2006

miss lizzy

condensed version: i'm dizzy. [insert whining here]


i'm so dizzy that i've spent the majority of the day trying to remember to keep my head at exactly the same tilt, forgetting, spinning, feeling like puking, repeating.

i forgot to go to one of my classes until 40 minutes after it started.

i always spend a good deal of time dizzy and nauseous but it seriously escalated yesterday after i went to the gym which just goes to show that going to the gym is bad for me.

pedialyte fixed me up a little last night.....josh called while i was drinking it out of its gross pod to tell me that he had just a) eaten mali kofta and b) seen rufus wainwright. guess who i'd rather be at that moment. i'm trying to find a picture of the gross pod on the internet but apparently it has been rightly stricken from the planet. it is very gelatinous submarine shape with a straw coming out of one side.

oh! and the lab computer is doing something evil. i try to run a script simulating modern man eating neanderthals at a constant rate (i know, i know)...usually something goes wrong and occasionally, the entire screen image turns into a cube and spins around. some kind of sick joke..thanks a lot imac.

ok, something happy....um, ramen is being really good and coming in from outside when we call him. i told jared that we just needed to let him out by himself and he would start being good. i based this on the line from footloose "in order for our children to become trustworthy we have to trust them" or something like that. i think it is essential to make cat-parenting decisions based on 80's movies. hmmm...i wonder what else there is.

your kid will smoke pot in detention, so you might as well excuse them from it.

uhh...thats all i'm coming up with at the moment but my brain is a little fuzzy


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