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Thursday, July 05, 2007

So, probably no one is going to read this since I haven't updated since November of last year but now I actually have things to report.

For all who have not heard, Jared and I quit school and are moving to Davis, CA. He is going to work for awhile and I am going to work for a year and get residency before starting the epidemiology phd program at UC Davis. Our program here just wasn't working out the way we thought and there weren't enough people doing research in our interest areas.

Ahhh, the house you ask? Well, we're renting it. Our friend, Chira, is a property manager and is going to take care of everything. We already have people very interested in it even though we aren't moving out until sept and for a somewhat exhorbitant rent. We won't be making any money on it now but hanging on to it for awhile longer seems like a sound financial move. Listen to me...I'll be getting an IRA or a 401K or something next. I do have a TIACREFF account...they stole some money from me and I have no idea how to get it back. Do you think that counts as retirement planning?

We're a little nervous about moving....what with the fact that we have no idea where we're going to live, we don't have jobs, etc...Jared's skills are quite marketable but he's a bit terrified of the the big 40 (40 hours a week). I just really don't want to work for an insurance company. We do sort of like the idea of passing the buck when it comes to plumbing problems. Ahhh renting.

There are cute pictures of our house up at: http://summitpm.biz/801cottonwood.html

At this very moment I am temping at a law office. There are about 2.5 people here and about 1 call per hour. Very boring. I have been meaning to learn SQL so I'm working on that right now, IM-ing all my computer scientists with questions.


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