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Friday, March 25, 2005

This is the hotel that we stayed at in Reno. At least this is the picture they show on the website.......... Posted by Hello

Here is what the Sands really looks like.....p.s the "wedding chapel" looks like an AA meeting room Posted by Hello

spring break

so, we're having the funniest spring break ever.

first stop: reno, nevada
reno is a very silly place. its like if vegas went through a serious natural disaster that wiped everyone out and covered everyplace with dinge and then became repopulated by poor, tired looking people from rural areas. the workers were actually pretty depressing. especially the ones in the leotards and hotpants who were well past their hotpants days.

we ate at a buffet there and you'd think we'd never seen food before the way we ran around and exclaimed at every item we saw: french toast! bacon! ice cream! with chocolate sauce! pie!

it was a champagne brunch so the rest of the day was spent in a full and headachey stupor watching movies on tnt. that was pretty much fine with us since we were exhausted from driving all day the day before. we cambled $5 each and got free drinks from a bustier girl named betsy.

Next stop: UC Davis
The first thing you see when you enter davis's campus is cows. there are little cow huts like at the fair. jared: is this some kind of ag school?

the statistics dept was ho hum.....the people looked awkward and the building was uninviting. the campus was nice for bike riding though.

Next stop: Berkeley!

i love berkeley. everything smells so good. there are big blooming jasmine shrubs everywhere and eucalyptus trees. we had yummy crepes and yummy chinese food. i got to go to all my favorite places. it was spring break there too so it was pretty low key.

i talked to some of the faculty from the biostatistics dept. they were pretty amazing. the program sounds very cool and very hard to get into. we'll see. i have some reservations about going back to uc berkeley but the faculty guy assured me that the dpet was very cooperative (unlike the highly comptetitive math dept). it was really good that i got to meet them adn they got to meet me but the whole thing was rather intimidating.

we also went to the exploratorium in san francisco.....a hands on science museum geared toward children. the kids don't really care about the science, they just want to run around and push buttons so that was sort of a hindrance. it was hysterical to watch their parents "explian" the science to them. while standing over a chamber that allowed you to see electrons shooting off from chemical reactions we overheard this: jimmy! come 'ere. look at this! these are cosmic rays from space! there were lots of cool exhibits but it was rather exhausting. we were there for 2.5 hours. then i tried to take us to a favorite restaurant but really only succeeded in giving jared a whirlwind tour of the mission district. we ended up eating at a taqueria which was delicious. can you tell food is driving this trip?

next stop: LA
met up with malcolm and ben coleman adn went to super fancy sushi. then we went to a fun bar called "el carmen" that has mexican wrestler masks looking down at you from the ceiling. ben kept putting out the candle adn then sweet talking waitresses into re-lighting it. we couldn't stay with malcolm since he was technically evicted and his roommate was home so malcolm got us a hotel near his apt in long beach. so funny. wall to ceiling mirrors, free porn, and the strong scent of cologne. as far as we know, they do not rent by the hour.

went to the beach in long beach, then to venice beach where we looked for nick george until we realized that he was in europe. had breakfast at the weirdest cafe on teh boardwalk. the chef was italian adn they had all these italian people in from italy visiting. then there were a bunch of groupies who clung to the italians. the host kept coming over to us and asking, "how are you doing my friends?" and "here you are good people." it sounded ridiculous because he was not, in fact, pakastani.....he was a plain old american first-language-is-english blond dude. the waitress kept asking us how much our eggs cost because she "has no idea." when i ordered a cafe au lait (which was plainly on the menu) the weird fake foreignor guy came over and said, "this wonderful drink you ordered, this cafe au lait, how is it made?" we came to the conclusion that it was similar to a latte and that seemed to satisfy him.

we drove around a bunch....too much for jared. poor kid. some day we'll have a car that will accomadate his size. we had thai food in pasadena and then hung out at my old apt with my ex-boyfriend and other people who used to live there. we thought this was going to be incredibly awkward but it turned out to be fine. then we met malcolm in hollywood for a decemberists concert that was great. lots of funny indie kids. then milkshakes and curly fries at mels on sunset. THEN the 30 minute drive back to long beach so malcolm could get 4 hours of sleep before going to work. crazy kid. that pretty much brings us up to date.

oh! so its morning now at malcolm's apt and we're examining his roommate's belongings adn we definitely hate him. here are a list of reasons why he is a bad roommate and possibly a bad person:
1. pastel, carved oriental rug
2. denim couch and bigscreen tv....where are his financial priorities??
3. GQ and sports illustrated
4. a poster of the "OC"
5. filthy bathroom with extremely expensive hand soap
6. pictures of him and his dad posing on the hoods of their respective BMW's
7. pictures of him with all his silly frat boys in ties

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


.....so i'm sitting in my office, during my appointed office hours, feverish, in workout pants and underwear never meant to be worn with said pants (muy unflattering)...waiting for someone to show up so i can show them the way and the light (i.e. mathematics)

i'm sick with flu and i skipped all my classes today but i decided to be good and come to my office hours since my students have a test tomorrow. i dont' know who i think i am kidding....i've had like 2 students show up all semester.

i'm actually feeling a little bit better right now. i think thats what hours of laying on the couch watching tnt's primetime in teh daytime will do for you. although its possible i've watched my ration of law and order for the day because the night time epidisodes might be replays of the daytime ones. wicked wicked people. don't they know they are sick people who need fresh law and orders to watch?

ok...time to attend to business, i.e. putting a note on my door sending my students to someone less germy.