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Saturday, April 29, 2006

The most adorable thing you have EVER seen

Ramen has this uncanny ability to slide underneath a rug even at a dead run. All this despite his fabulous girth!

And we cannot skip irmadoll....who looks almost literally like a rag doll here.

Jared has been trying on his new graduation attire....quite dashing:

Here's me...I ran into Dmitri and Arynn while i was riding my bike around looking for garage sales. They were on their way to maggot fest (rugby tournament). I decided to go to and I got sunburnt.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

ipod from god

so....i ordered a used ipod off ebay. At first we thought it didn't even work....it wouldn't charge. But we got it working and discovered a treasure trove! The previous owner didn't delete their mp3s and they are as eclectic as we are.

Some are truly wonderful:
Guns n Roses
Footloose soundtrack
Bon Jovi
50 cent
Chaka Khan
Salt and Peppa

Some are so bad they're worth having:
Milli Vanilli
Bobby Brown
MC Hammer

Some will be deleted:
Hootie and the Blowfish
Garth Brooks
Linken Park

Such a good surprise after thinking it was broken and the ebay person screwed me. Jared was just listening to the Phil Collins channelling the sex on the train scene from Risky Business. He's playing ADD dj with my new toy to avoid doing work. I'm avoiding work by blogging about my new toy.

We're both ready to be done...the weather is finally getting nice and spring fever is here. I can't believe I used to have to go to school until mid-june. torture.

now jared is trying to teach ramen how to use a straw

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Ahhhh Saturday Night

I got a message from my mom last night that said something to the effect of "its friday night and you're almost done with school, hope you're having fun."

In reply, let me list the books on my coffee table that are filled with multicolored post-its:

Analysis of Incomplete Multivariate Data
Applied Modern Statistics with S-plus
Introduction to Multiple Time Series Analysis
Introduction to Statistical Time Series
Generalized Linear Models

Some might call it fun. We've been working all weekend. In fact, we were at school when I recieved the call. We just took a break for some Queer Eye and now back to working, but with wine. I think that will increase productivity. See? Here I am...being productive...We're trying to write our respective projects/theses and we've been hit with the ultimate scientific kick in the face. Dull results. I guess its better than dull re-sluts, which is what I wrote the first time. No one likes a dull slut.

So, I got into UC Davis's epidemiology PhD program and we've decided to go. Jared is disappointed about giving up his program here and a little afraid to get his first job but I think we'll survive. I was in Davis for four days earlier this week. The program and the town seem great. Davis was voted the most bikable city in the country.

And there is an ikea.....look what I managed to bring home for the kitties:
They LOVE it!