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Saturday, November 25, 2006

Wait! i can be topical

I forgot that I never blogged about halloween....we have some amazing pictures.

Jared and I dressed up like ninjas and i made the kitties manes so they could be lions.

There are more pictures from halloween, including ted in some wigs at: http://web-dev2.cs.umt.edu/~jrapp/

Sometimes the server goes down so be patient and check again.

neglected blog

...so, i haven't posted in like a month....its lost some of its sparkle since i can't find my camera.

Jared and I hosted our first Thanksgiving at our new house this year. I made a turkey (breast). I didn't want to deal with the giblets and neither of us nor his parents like dark meat so i had the butcher dude cut off the wings and the legs so I just had a ribcage. i did all kinds of crazy brining techniques and it was delicious.

we invited some other people but they had other plans...we realized later that this was good since we only have 4 chairs and a non-standard height table. someone would have been eating at the kids table (i.e. kitty mat). that would have made a good picture, actually.

school is a little better lately....mostly just less annoying. i do have a ton of stuff to do in the next 3 weeks. for one thing, i need to research seal distemper...my assigned math project. um...harp seals are effing adorable and i highly recommend that you google-image them. we have to read a book about the communication failures at NASA for our communications class. its not a horrible concept but the writing is so horrible and distracting! this guy is like the james joyce of social science...stream of consciousness with weird parenthetical statements everywhere. we decided we needed chips to be able to read it. so we bought some chips. hopefully now we can make it through.

we just got back from borat. wow. so hilarious, so offensive (but still mostly hilarious). so much naked hairiness. he has an incredible knack for getting people to say all the horrible things they really believe but know better than to say in other company. you feel bad for some of the people in the movie who get made fun of but other times it is just tremendously satisfying. racist cowboys and drunk frat boys.

in other news, we are fat. fat fat fat. and its only november!!! we have to fight off this winter fat for another 5 months!! i'm not sure we'll make it this year. i'm going to have to ask for stretchy pants for christmas.

it snowed here last night for the first real time and snowed more today. jared through snowballs at kids and we ran. i bet they liked it. people are putting up christmas lights and taking down their tacky glowing, inflatable turkeys. i of course, had my christmas lights up 3 weeks ago when target started selling them. last year i got a christmas tree the day after thanksgiving and i loved it but by the time christmas came, it was real crispy and dry and kind of a fire hazard so I am trying to restrain myself this year.

normally i don't get up early for anything except catching planes but for some crazy reason jared and i decided to go shopping on black friday. there were 800 thread count sheets to be had. we made it to target at 6:30am!!!! and it was totally insane. i'm glad i wasn't shopping for toys...you could get your arms ripped off in those aisles. The checkout line went all the way back to the electronics section (i'm assuming most targets have roughly the same layout).

I decided we need some pictures, regardless of the fact that they are neither new nor topical.