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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Is it necessary to leave the house?

It is so fucking cold here!!!! and i'm allowed to swear because i had to battle subzero temperatures today. it is currently -8 degrees. the HIGH yesterday was 1.

while walking from the math building to my office, my hair turned into a frosty mess where i was breathing on it. i stayed at school doing homework till 6:30 to avoid leaving the building but eventually realized that there is no good place to sleep in the math building, although you can get pizza delivered.

my legs have been getting so cold that they itch for a good hour post exposure.

i just want school to end so that i don't have to leave my house at all. surprisingly, i don't really have any finals. the worst thing i have coming up is grading the stat final which will be somewhat hellish but will allow me to make sharp, sweeping motions with my read pen on many a paper.

jared is gone having fun at a conference in san francisco where it is 50 degrees. ok, so he's not really having fun AT the conference but he does get to go to H&M and see justin adn laura which is better than what i've got going on right now. one good thing is that i got to eat speghetti and red sauce which jared doesn't really like. i have to remember to make squash soup and eggplant and fish before he gets home. that might be hard with the whole, not leaving the house thing.

Does anyone know any finnish people? how about finnish scientists? are they a confrontational people? i'm thinking of taking a class from a visiting fin next semester but the visiting russian this semester has made me think twice. i know...cultural differences, blah blah blah. i dont' care. he's rude. when in rome, don't fuck with the romans adn interrupt their talks, and face the back of the room with a dismissive smirk.

Friday, December 02, 2005

cats are people too

He is a partial transcript this morning. Keep in mind that Jared is technically in a huge hurry...

jared: Irma! I just decided something. You're coming with me today. (picks irma up)

jared: Here, hold my hat (give irma his hat, she hold it with her front paws on her belly)

jared: Ok, now open the door, Irma. My hand are full I can't possible open it. You've got to try! Use your paws.

Jared: oh irma, you can't come with me if you don't open the door. I'm sorry, thats the way things are.