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Saturday, November 26, 2005

run! its the po-po

actually, no one ran and the police were super nice, but i'm getting ahead of myself.

first i have to point out that i have no friends as no one responded to my ugly contest so i didn't even have to think of a prize. or maybe i don't have friends with hours of worthless internet time to spare.....nope, they pretty much all do.

so tonight, we decide to go with some friends to have a bonfire up patty canyon. things are going well, fire is burning, wine is being consumed, bob dylan is being sung......and just as hilary is staggering to the outhouse, i see flashlights. po-fucking-lice.

i had just finished telling jared before we left how much fun it is to do these things now that we are over 21 and the terror of MIPs is over.

i thought we were all 21. turns out we weren't. i left my ID in the truck at the trailhead, as did the staggering girl. they were all about her. they got everyone else's IDs and were calling them in. i was like, do you need my numbers? I can go to the truck to get my ID. they were like, its cool, we'll look when we get to teh truck. they didnt look! APPARENTLY I'M HAGARD AND CANNOT POSSIBLE BE MISTAKEN FOR UNDER 21. Seriously, they grilled other people and didn't even care about my id. i'm so insulted.

i was ready to go home, so really it was ok that the cops came and they didn't even give an MIP to the 20-year old. so technically the night was a success. and jimmy happened to know ALL of the words to "Under the Sea" from the little mermaid.

so it gets better.....hilary is so trashed and jared had to carry her down the stairs where she only barely made it to the bathroom before she puked. she proceded to lie on the floor and talk about how she needed to talk about chaos and perturbation theory and how she doesn't know her limits. she lives with her parents so she was terrified to go home.....we kept asking her if she wanted to go home, she'd shake her head. when we asked if she wanted to stay, she'd shake her head. if you asked what she wanted to do, she'd bury her head in her bowl.

jared coined the phrase, "she doesn't want to stay, she doesn't want to go, and if you question her further, she pukes."

Monday, November 14, 2005

ugly contest

Have you ever noticed what ugly things rich people have/wear. You think to yourself, this woman can afford anything she wants and she bought that?

jasminesoup is sponsering an ugly contest along these lines. comment witha link to the ugliest thing you can find costing $4000-$5000. At the end of the undefined time period, the person who posts with the ugliest thing (i will be the arbiter of ugly) will win a prize, also undefined.

Here are some examples to get you started:

This vest is reversible....python on one side and alligator on the other. Note the feather fringe.

Who buys a giant crystal turtle? Its not even detailed...it just has little stumps for legs. No webbing or anything.

This last one is so ugly that it deserves a description because the photo doesn't do it justice: Two Front Pockets-Tiger Pattern on Front-Tiger and Diamonds Pattern On Back-Swarovski Crystals Details on Buttons Closures-Swarovski Crystals Details on Front-Fox Fur on Collar

So go forth, all you slackers at work. Search froogle and Saks and bring to me the ugliest of the ugly.

Monday, November 07, 2005

[snappy title here]

Here's my Halloween pumpkin that i'm very proud of:

Sadly it encountered no trick-or-treaters. I carved it on halloween, way post-trick or treat time.

This was my mom's first Halloween in her new house. She LOVES Halloween. She dresses up the dogs. They used to sit in the driveway and watch the world series and drink wine with the neighbors and hand out candy to about a hundred kids.

But this year was a disaster. She only got 5 trick-or-treaters and started looking for a different house to buy on the internet since her current neighborhood was clearly lacking. She used to live in a rich neighborhood across the freeway from a really poor neighborhood so all those kids would come over. I think next year, she might just have to put up a little halloween hut on a street corner in a prime neighborhood.

Here is the one photo in which I do not look like a dwarf compared to jared:

The baby is his cousin's....one of TWO! The other was sucking her poor mom dry at the moment. New babies are awesome...pretty much all they do is sleep and eat. You can hold them and poke them and they are little portable heaters that stay still way better than kitties. unfortunaly, you cannot leave them at home alone for the week. thats the kicker with the whole baby thing.

back to math world....i have to use some silly taylor expansion to find the maximum likelihood estimator for a vector of parameters. its so isolating to know that the vast majority of my friends and family have no idea what i do all day, and worse, don't want to know. i feel like chandler.