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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sorry, we closed at 5pm

Apparently soft-serve at 11:15 pm is too much to ask for here in Missoula, Montana. I had 150 calories left tonight, exactly enough for an ice cream cone from MacDonalds. MACDONALDS! The originator of corporate fast food! Shouldn't they advocate late hours to further ruin their employees lives and make $1 more?

Our applications for the National Science Foundation program in missoula are due tomorrow. I had half a mind to come home and tear it up after driving around looking for ice cream. Just when I think I wouldn't mind living here for 3 more years i get hit with an ice cream shortage or something similar. Missoula rocks in the summer and sucks equally badly in the winter. The problem is that winter lasts 3 times as long as summer. I was only satisfied during christmas shopping hours which lasted about 2 weeks and did not include ice cream.

In other news....I'm in LOVE with the show Distraction on Comedy Central. The questions are incredibly easy so you feel smart by getting 90% of them correct instead of the usual 15% correct on Jeopardy. They do all kinds of mean things to the contestants while they try to answer questions like stretching tons of rubber bands around their heads or having professional wrestlers throw them around. The best is the last round where the final contestants have to sit on toilets in little booths and pee to ring a buzzer. I'm also in love with the fact that my bedtime this semester is 1:45am seeing as I don't have to attend a silly 10am lecture anymore. Yes, I have nowhere to be until noon. Read it and weep my working friends :) Uh oh...I think using a smiley in a blog makes me officially uncool. Oh wait, i think I already got a membership in that club when i got a math degree.