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Friday, May 20, 2005

Happy Birthday Mrs. Parker

I know i just posted like, 5 seconds ago but then my least favorite and most disturbing commercial came on adn i realized that it needed to be discussed. I might even need therapy.

has anyone seen the commerical for brawny paper towells? Lemme see if i can recreate it:

(Handsome lumberjack type guy fosting a cake)

Narrator: (Smooth Barry White voice) Oooohhhhhh, she'll love that.

(Lumberjack smirks and gives bedroom eyes to the camera. Spills white drippy frosting on the counter)

Narrator: Ohhh, what have we here? Nothing brawny can't handle.

(Lumberjack scoops up puppy, wipes him with a paper towell)

Narrator: We have a very dirty little boy, here.

(Puppy, lumberjack, and cake all head toward the camera. Lumberjack gives kim catrall face)

Narrator: Happy Birthday to you, Mrs. Parker. Happy Birthday to you.

WTF????? Do the words "wildly uncomfortable" mean anything to these network people? Forget desperate housewives, the FCC should be focusing their attention on Brawny.

I am a bad and inconsistent blogger

I almost wrote "irregular" blogger but i decided we needn't foray into my intestinal problems.

So, schools over. Weird... Ok, thats enough resting. It starts again Monday. I'll be teaching for 1.5 hours, then taking biology for 1.5 hours and then dissecting worms or something in lab for 2 hours, 3x per week. UM is trying to screw me out of money, blah blah blah...

jared is out of town in virginia on a beach somewhere. he's meeting with some NASA guy. its weird not having him around.

Here are the bad things about him being gone:
  • I had to do the dishes
  • The kitties don't get enough attention or talking to in funny voices
  • ....lonely (sigh)
  • empty bed. hopefully the kitties will sleep on my face.
Here are some good things:
  • I get to eat fish
  • I get to sleep all day
  • I can motivate to go the gym when there's no one to entertain me at home
i'm going garage sailing tomorrow! i hope to find tennis rackets so that jared and i can run around a pre-defined area looking foolish.

People should check out this hilarious blog: www.amalah.com
super bitchy, super funny....pregnant lady calls her baby "squishy." She's way way funnier than me.

So, I have a new way of life: A list of things that should be done every day. I just have to pick a couple them so its not a scary demand. I've done almost all of them today.
  • Work on notes for teaching class
  • study for my comp tests
  • eat vegetables
  • drink soy milk (something about isoflavones?)
  • floss
  • pilates/work out
  • scoop poo